Maximize your profits with margin trading (x3) powered by smart contracts and NIMFA tokens
Trustless, Anonymous, Simple

1 NIMFA = 0.00028 ETH ($0.1667)

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The blockchain-platform that provides traders with cryptoloans in NIMFA-tokens and gives them
a leverage x3 (triples the deposit) for trading


Active users

$150 000

Raised on ICO in September, 2017



Cryptolending platforms marketcap comparison:


$800 mil marketcap


$300 mil marketcap

Ripio Credit Network

$200 mil marketcap


$1 mil marketcap

Big crypto exchanges are about to start trading with nimfa token in 2018


ШАГ 1/4

Купите токены NIMFA

Каждый токен NIMFA даёт Вам право на получение трёх токенов взаймы.

Например, если Вы купили 10000 NIMFA, Вы сможете сконвертировать их в криптозаем на сумму в 30000 NIMFA.

ШАГ 2/4

Получите заем
в токенах NIMFA

Переведите токены NIMFA на Ваш персональный кошелёк в личном кабинете Nimfamoney.

После совершения перевода нажмите: Получить криптозаем и Ваши токены NIMFA будут утроены.

ШАГ 3/4

Купите ETH и другие криптовалюты

Используйте Ваш криптозаем для покупки криптовалют на Nimfamoney. Например, купите ETH за NIMFA. После подтверждения транзакции Ваш баланс в ETH на Nimfamoney будет автоматически пополнен и Вы сможете следить за его курсом в режиме реального времени.

ШАГ 4/4

Закройте позицию
и выведите Вашу

Для вывода Вашей прибыли с платформы Nimfamoney верните криптозаем в токенах NIMFA. После этого Вы сможете вывести на любой Ваш персональный кошелёк Вашу прибыль, которую Вы заработали, торгуя на криптозаем в токенах NIMFA.

Команда Nimfamoney

Max Tarasenko

Nimfamoney Founder & CEO

Max Tarasenko is an 23 years old entrepreneur from Russia. Before starting Nimfamoney in July, 2017 he has been creating and developing such businesses as P2P-lending platform (with the same brand «Nimfamoney»), email-marketing agency «Nimfa» and advertising agency «Maxtars». Max also worked as a financial consultant in «Allianz» (world’s largest insurance company) and studied economics and czech language at the VŠE — University of Economics (Prague, Czech Republic).

Sergey Zhubartovich


Sergey Zhurbatovich is a 22 years old back-end developer with 6 years experience in programming. Sergey’s stack is NodeJS, PHP, Ruby on Rails , MySQL, Mongo. Before joining Nimfamoney he has been working at ITECH-group and 4xxi (Britain-market focused web/mobile development company). Sergey has a bachelor degree of Applied Informatics (ISU, Irkutsk State University).

Dan Suvorov

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Dan Suvorov is a 22 years old full-stack developer from Russia. Before joining Nimfamoney he was working as a developer in a web studio. Also he was working as a freelancer while creating websites and Android-apps. Dan was graduated from the ISU (Irkutsk State University) and has a bachelor degree of Fundamental Informatics and Informational Technologies.


September 2016

Nimfamoney platform was created
as a P2P-lending platform where
individual investors were lending
money to SMEs directly, without banks

July 2017

Nimfamoney platform's business-model
was radically changed from a P2P-lending
platform (fiat) to cryptolending platform

August 2017

NIMFA token (ERC-20) was issued
as a utility token for issuing cryptoloans
(leverage) on the Nimfamoney platform

September 2017

Nimfamoney ICO has been finished
with $150000 attracted in Ether and
308516 NIMFA tokens were distributed

October 2017

NIMFA token was listed on 3 exchanges:
EtherDelta, Mercatox and IDEX

February 2018

First cryptoloans were issued and used
to get another cryptocurrencies with a leverage
(x3) in NIMFA tokens, positions were closed
and users received their net profits in tokens
they have bought with their cryptoloans

Spring 2018

Listing NIMFA token on major
cryptoexchanges in order to accelerate
platform's mass usage for getting more
cryptocurrencies with cryptoloans

Summer 2018

Adding a function of using a leverage
(x3) in NIMFA tokens for participating
in deeply researched and approved ICOs

Autumn 2018

Developing Nimfamoney cryptoexchange

Winter 2018

Becoming the №1 solution for traders
as a "leverage for exchanges without
such a function" (NIMFA tokens
leverage will be used on exchanges
without a leverage function)