The world’s first 100% decentralized cryptocurrency
lending platform for token purchase on exchanges and ICOs
for maximizing your personal profit

What is Nimfamoney?

Six reasons for you to benefit from our PRE-ICO

100% confidential

NIMFA token lending procedure without personal data collection

No verifications and denials

100% automated cryptocurrency lending with a zero % interest rate (only 10% commission on profit)

Triple profit for you

Each NIMFA token bought on the ICO allows you to borrow 3 tokens

Decentralized and automatically replenished

Cryptocurrency loan fund is without control by one organization

Receive up to 260%*

Of additional income from each investment made with borrowed NIMFA tokens

2.5%* bonus in NIMFA tokens

From all NIMFA token purchases made on the ICO by the persons you invite for participating on ICO

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Get 3 NIMFA Tokens for 1

For each NIMFA token you buy on Nimfamoney ICO

You will be able to borrow THREE NIMFA TOKENS after ICO. The tokens your borrow could be used to trade on exchanges.

How It Works Step-By-Step


You get NIMFA tokens on ICO (ex. 1000)


You’re able to borrow 300% of all NIMFA tokens you get on ICO


To take a 300% loan in NIMFA tokens you transfer 3,3% of your loan amount (3,3% = 66 NIMFA, if a loan = 2000 NIMFA)


After that you immediately receive a 300%-loan (3000 NIMFA in our example) and now you can get new tokens on exchanges


For example you use your 300%-loan to buy 3 new tokens with your 3000 NIMFA…And these 3 new tokens grow in price in 100% in 10 days = now their cost is 6000 NIMFA


You return your 2000 NIMFA loan, pay 10% commission on your profits excluding loan amount (3000 – 300) and don’t forget about 3,3% you’ve paid on start


NIMFA is your profit


Now you can transfer your 3634 NIMFA profit to your wallet or continue investing on exchanges


  • July 2016

    The idea of creating decentralized platform for cryptocurrency lending incorporating blockchain technology.

  • August to December 2016

    Cryptocurrency exchanges analysis and consultations with the experts.

  • January to March 2017

    Interaction with potential borrowers for feedback and formulation of value propositions.

  • April to May 2017

    Attracting the first potential borrowers into participation.

  • June & July 2017

    Meetings with the borrowers to get a better understanding of their needs and streamlining the decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform.

  • August 2017

    Conducting the ICO campaign and issuing NIMFA tokens for the launch of the first cryptocurrency lending platform to help the investors in purchasing profitable tokens and getting maximum benefit from ICOs and on exchanges.

  • September to December 2017

    Listing NIMFA token on exchanges. Issuing the first 10,000 NIMFA cryptocurrency loans.

  • January & February 2018

    Receiving feedback from the borrowers and using it to improve the cryptocurrency lending platform.

  • Spring and Summer 2018

    Development and implementation of strategies to address reduction of uncertainty and risk management of NIMFA token exchange rate volatility for NIMFA holders and borrowers.

  • Fall to Winter 2018

    Issuing 10,000,000 NIMFA cryptocurrency loans for 2017–2018.

  • 2019 - 2020

    Establishing NIMFA token as a core instrument for cryptocurrency lending in the global blockchain community.

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The distribution attracted funds on PRE-ICO / ICO

Software development: 55%

Marketing: 15%

Operational expenses: 15%

Provision fund: 5%

Legal: 5%

Unexpected: 5%

Nimfamoney Team

Meet The Nimfamoney Team

Max Tarasenko

Nimfamoney Founder & CEO

Max Tarasenko is an experienced entrepreneur who has founded a number of companies in Russia and Europe (Czech Republic). Max also worked in Allianz: world’s largest insurance company.

Vlad Pezhemskiy

Lead blockchain-developer

Vlad is a Solidity-expert. With 11+ years in coding he used PHP in most of his projects. Vlad builds Nimfamoney’s smart contracts.

Dan Suvorov

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Dan Suvorov is an experienced full-stack developer with more than 5 years of programming with PHP, Java, Node.JS, JS(JQuery). And of course CSS and HTML.

Alex Kharchevnikov

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

Alex is an experienced digital marketer with deep expertise in viral marketing. Alex attracts new users to Nimfamoney platform.