Nimfamoney will TRIPLE your cryptofunds
for buying cryptocurrencies just in 5 minutes with NIMFA-tokens loans

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1 NIMFA = 0.0006 ETH ($0.4299)

last update: 07:47:38 UTC

Step 1/4

Get NIMFA tokens

Every NIMFA token you have gives you a right to borrow THREE NIMFA tokens.

For example, if you have 10000 NIMFA you are able to convert it to the cryptoloan 30000 NIMFA tokens.

Step 2/4

Get a cryptoloan
in NIMFA tokens

Transfer your NIMFA tokens to your personal wallet on the Nimfamoney platform.

After that click the button: Get a cryptoloan and your tokens will be tripled.

Step 3/4

Get ETH and other cryptocurrencies
with your NIMFA-tokens loan

Use your cryptoloan to get other cryptocurrencies on the Nimfamoney platform. For example, get ETH for NIMFA. After confirming the transaction your balance in ETH will be displayed on the platform and you will be able to control the price for the cryptocurrencies you have.

Step 4/4

Close the position and
withdraw your profits

To withdraw your profits from the Nimfamoney platform you need to pay back the cryptoloan. After that you will be able to withdraw your profits to any of your personal wallets.Congratulations!

Nimfamoney Team

Max Tarasenko

Nimfamoney Founder & CEO

Vlad Pezhemskiy

Lead blockchain-developer

Dan Suvorov

CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Alex Kharchevnikov

CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)